Thursday, 25 August 2011

One Day

Just had a bonding session with my sister and mother at the cinema. This is something that only happens about once every three years, mainly due the fact that my sister does not reside in Northern Ireland and my mother normally has the title of chief babysitter. 

One Day, was the film of choice this evening, well Bridesmaids didn't begin until 9pm and we reckoned at least two of us could be anticipating our Ovaltine by that stage.
My husband purchased the book a few years ago and couldn't get into it to which I have to admit is unusual for him
So what did us girls think? 

Mother didn't feel the chemistry between the two main characters.

 My sister was even less impressed but at the same time strangely entertained as she apparently spent her time during the film spotting continuity errors. Earrings on, earrings off, satellite dishes appearing where they shouldn't have been and apparently even a scene where someone is in the wrong side of the bed. Good god was she taking notes?

 Personally I enjoyed this love story. Okay the David Williams character was a bit annoying. If you go, you will know exactly what I mean. I also wonder why every house the main character lived in appeared to be in desperate need of the DIY SOS crew but then I am used to nothing but films these days containing animated animals and hey no one was nagging me to take them to the toilet half way through, so what do I know? 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Boats, Books and Bogies.

Well here I go again. 
Yesterday was spent on Strangford Lough, kayaking with the kids and husband.
Beautiful day for it, so still and quiet, despite having a 7 and 10 year old with us.
Not sure if the 10 year old was doing much paddling mind you, until she spotted her grandparents taking photographs! A seal decided to play hide and seek with us and we even had fun splashing each other without it ending in tears.
Today we visited our local library where we were unexpectedly greeted by a member of staff with a personality. Well that threw us. 
Honestly, I can't understand it, these people work in a building where everyday they are surrounded by wild dragons, happy ever after princesses, imaginary talking animals, and even my beloved Secret Seven.  Why can't they simply pass the wonder of books onto their customers or are their noses simply stuck so far in the books that they have completely lost any communication with the outside world ?
Very tempted to shout, "BOGIES," next time I visit just to see if I get any kind of reaction.

For more info on kayaking on Strangford Lough contact:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Duke Special loves me

Can't quite believe the difference blogging has already made to my humble life.
Duke Special tweeted me back!  He couldn't make it for tea but ended up instead in Carrickfergus picking up a film for his camera!  The power of Gumtree and social networking.

Also laughing at my friend Katherine and her predictive text. She apparently,
'Had a spectre time in France.' 
Umm any ideas?

So this is Blogging.

So here I am blogging for the first time, how exciting! So what are you meant to write? This is completely new to me. For goodness sake I only joined Twitter this week but have been really brave today and tweeted @ Duke Special. He was looking for some type of instant film.  I sent him a tweet re an ad on Gumtree. He'll probably block me now.

So what is this blog about then? 

A diary of daily life set in Northern Ireland experienced by a forty two year old mum of two, wife to one who tends to see the funny side of life and not always at the most appropriate time.

So read about my ups and downs, my good times, bad times and everything in between.

So, I'll start by mentioning the rather annoying wasps today that are taking over the conservatory. No ordinary wasps though, bionic ones. Hit one about five times, it played dead and then got up. How rude. Nearly as rude as my husband who is hanging over my shoulder, winding me up by telling me that I have spelled conservatory the wrong way. I didn't by the way but thank goodness for spell check!

Finishing up for now, husband's cooking topside. Kids are going to hate it, aren't they?  Bet Duke Special likes topside. Should I tweet and ask him if he wants to come for dinner?