Monday, 22 August 2011

Boats, Books and Bogies.

Well here I go again. 
Yesterday was spent on Strangford Lough, kayaking with the kids and husband.
Beautiful day for it, so still and quiet, despite having a 7 and 10 year old with us.
Not sure if the 10 year old was doing much paddling mind you, until she spotted her grandparents taking photographs! A seal decided to play hide and seek with us and we even had fun splashing each other without it ending in tears.
Today we visited our local library where we were unexpectedly greeted by a member of staff with a personality. Well that threw us. 
Honestly, I can't understand it, these people work in a building where everyday they are surrounded by wild dragons, happy ever after princesses, imaginary talking animals, and even my beloved Secret Seven.  Why can't they simply pass the wonder of books onto their customers or are their noses simply stuck so far in the books that they have completely lost any communication with the outside world ?
Very tempted to shout, "BOGIES," next time I visit just to see if I get any kind of reaction.

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  1. Have you never been to the kids hours - story telling, playing instruments and signing! CG

  2. CG. Walked out. Couldn't actually understand the lady with the strong Polish accent, neither could my 2 year old at the time.

  3. Have you been and shouted BOGIES yet ?