Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Being Social.

I'm back! I've been lazy and selfish, consumed in free time, now that the kids are back to school and I have another excuse for my lack of blogging, Twitter.
This blog comes with a warning. DO NOT ENTER THE WORLD OF TWITTER. It causes messy kitchen floors, unbleached loos and worst of all contagious Tweeting sessions with complete strangers.
I used to be normal, Facebook and the odd packet of Doritos satisfied my cravings but instead, I now shamelessly follow celebs, arty farty dads and even worse, discontented mums.
It was my husband's idea.
Me, a moment without Twitter.
"Use Twitter to spread the word, improve your networking," he said and then something under his breath about the rising price of Doritos. 
So what have I gained from all this recent Tweeting? An offer to replace Sandi Toksvig as the columnist in Good Housekeeping, an article published in The Guardian maybe? No, instead rants from strangers about the world in general, the price of gas in N.Ireland and one very boring vlog (video blog) made by some wannabe fashion designer at London Fashion Week who arrived so late she had to film the whole thing from such a distance it should have been renamed Flee Fashion Week.
So have I put you off yet?
On the positive side though, you quickly realise that Alan Carr is funny all the time, even celebs lose luggage, other peoples kids throw up, Holly Bell from the Great British Bake Off bakes A LOT and hey, you can make cushions from yacht sails. I rest my case!

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  1. Yeah! Another Norn Iron Mummy blogger, they are few and far between. Looking forward to reading your posts.