Sunday, 23 October 2011

Forgotten Photographs.

In 2010 we attended the Belfast Chilli festival and one particular stall caught our attention. It was a vintage stall. The first item my husband fell in love with, was a 5ft replica of a gold Oscar. Nice piece but we just didn't have the room in our semi detached house!

Moving on, we came across a large box of black and white photographs and almost immediately one photograph caught my attention. 


I have very little information regarding this photograph. I am guessing it was taken in the 1940's, note the prefab homes in the background. I was told that it came from a house clearance in Belfast. I love the boy's Christmas style jumper, the wrinkles in his shorts. The dog's smile and eyebrows are delightful.

The second photograph to catch my attention is this one. Four children and a female on a beach on what looks like a cold and windy day. The children still have their socks rolled down though.

So where was this taken, who are these people in the pictures? Why are they not displayed in a family album for future generations to enjoy, who gave them away, was it a family member or the photographer?

Both photographs have Crown Copyright Reserved on the back with A and M on either side of a crown.

I would love to know who these people are and would, if required, reluctantly return the photographs to their rightful owners. Anyone with any suggestions,  please leave a comment below.
Until then, I will continue to enjoy appreciate the importance of my grandfather writing the date and place on the back of photographs.  

Lyn and Fiona, Ballintoy July 14th 1975


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