Wednesday, 18 April 2012


When I leave for work in the evening, I usually have little knowledge of what my children get up to during those five hours. I may, in the morning, get a running commentary of a disagreement that took place, information on what daddy ate (usually their chocolate) and if gran and grandpa were in charge how they were not allowed to have any music on at bedtime.

When I arrived home last night, however, I found an urgent note from my eight year old.

Very Urgent Letter

So what went on last night?
 It was raining heavily as I left and my children must have decided to watch Channel 4's Supersize Vs Superskinny.  A programme in which one very overweight and one severely underweight person swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating. 
You can imagine my panic after reading this letter. My daughter loves cheese and is a healthy 8 year old.
So this morning, before school, I explained to her the importance of cheese and how it is good for your bones. 
Not totally convinced, I decided to take things further. Who would an eight year old truly believe that, indeed cheese is good for you?
The presenter, Dr Christian?

   and the reassuring reply?

So now you know ladies!

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